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Pop Its serve as amusing, beneficial learning tools

Pop Its serve as amusing, beneficial learning tools

Pop It fidget toys benefit adolescents both mentally and educationally by providing a method to prohibit distracting fidgeting. We all know that one of the best parts about receiving packages are the few pieces of bubble wrap that keep us entertained for a few fleeting moments. The new sensational fidget toy,  Pop Its, replicates and […]

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Why are Pop Its so popular?

Do you Pop It? Or should we drop it? Loads of us are popping it at the moment, with more 2.5 billion people watching Pop It videos on video sharing platform, TikTok. The Pop It has replaced the fidget spinner as the must-have item on playgrounds all over the UK. What is a Pop It? […]

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What are Pop It Fidget Toys, and Why Are They So Popular Right Now?

A fidget toy with poppable silicone blisters, Pop Its blew up after appearing in a TikTok video with a monkey. Here’s what to know about the must-have item for kids. Forget L.O.L. Dolls and Baby Yoda (aka The Child). The latest toy craze is here, making waves in households across the country, and it’s basically […]

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4 Reasons Why Fidget Toys are Helpful for Kids

Fidget toys. There are probably few other toys that are more aptly named. As any parent with an especially active child well knows, fidgeting can be a default behavior that is best dealt with by focused redirection. And the truth is, any child – highly active or not – will fidget, which is why we […]

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